30 rock: a journey through the insanely absurd story of Jenna Maroney


In the cutthroat world of entertainment, Jenna is a survivor. (Literally. She has seen her entire religious group eaten by a bear.) This survival is rooted in her steadfast self-confidence and deep psychological damage. East Coast Television and Microwave Programming Vice President Jack Donaghy describes her as a relentless attack of dysfunction, as she prides herself on being declared ‘impossible’ by Dr Drew from television. It all led to a major career boom when she channeled her utter lack of conscience into becoming the average judge on a reality show. The Kidz of America sang.

America’s less darling, plus her slutty cousin, Jenna is a multi-trafficker with a colorful dating history and a weird sex tape for every occasion. She’s not only on cam-a-rah talent, but also the face of the vaginal mesh industry and briefly, has been the spokesperson for Enormé (America’s number one scent for plus size women) . All that, and she wrote a sex column for Cosmo. (Cosmo is his 14 year old neighbor. He doesn’t know whatever). Few could live at Jenna’s speed. But you know what they say: if you can’t stand the heat, step down from Mickey Rourke’s sex grill.

Mr. Rourke is just one notch among many on Jenna’s bed, alongside OJ, Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold, two of the Backstreet Boys, Frank Rossitano and Dog the Bounty Hunter. Legendary international adventurer, Jenna Maroney then walked Alexis Rose from Schitt Creek could run away … the Thai drug lord she bribes with sex to help him free Vin Diesel from the villa of a Ugandan diamond smuggler.

Since the end of TGS, Jenna is a free woman – doubly since the beheading of the Sheikh who won her this game of poker – and was therefore able to devote her time to her marriage to pansexual and female impersonator Paul bigenitalia, and his hobbies: s’ aroused by car accidents, electrocution of horses and Italian sex parties. From the restlessness in her gait to the bullet lodged in her jaw, the woman is an original. Load up your glasses and join us in raising a toast: she runs a tidy bakery, the boys all want her cake for free… everyone, to the monstrous Jenna Maroney!

30 Rock is available now on Netflix US.

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