21 times the Easy On Me singer showed us how to win in life

Adele on her One Night Only special (Photo: CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images)

As much as Adele is known for her honesty in writing her songs, she’s also just as outspoken when not singing with all her heart – and that’s something the world has fallen in love with her for.

In our time when virtually all celebrities are media educated within an inch of their lives, Adele is that rare thing: a massive star who isn’t afraid to be herself and say it the way she is. And that’s something we could probably all learn from.

As the Grammy-winning star finally unveiled her long-awaited fourth album, 30, we take a look back at some of the life lessons she taught us during her time in the limelight …

1. First of all, knowing how to make an entrance

2. Never take yourself too seriously

3. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions

4. And allow yourself to feel things deeply

5. But don’t forget to embrace your silly side too

6. Remember that it is useless to play the coolies in front of people you admire.

7. Laugh out loud …

8. … laugh often …

9. … laugh wherever you are …

10. … and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself either

11. There is always time for a quick chat

12. Embrace who you are

13. And know your worth

14. There is nothing wrong with letting people have it once in a while …

15. … as long as you also recognize your own mistakes

16. Honesty is always the best policy …

17. … well, most of the time, at least

18. If you are given the opportunity to dress, take it …

19. … Including when it means dressing up as someone else

20. No matter how good you are at something, it never hurts to have that extra hidden talent hidden away.

21. And finally, don’t forget to take stock of everything you’ve ever had the strength to survive.

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