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We don’t have to worry anymore. Are we 18 or 21 years old, this type of restriction on quick loans no longer applies to us. Not only that, we no longer have to worry about whether our income is high enough and in what state we have a credit history. Newface Bank already offers us a quick loan online with a surprising repayment period of 30, 90 and in some cases even 360 days.

There are already so many companies on the loan market that provide such services that it is difficult to count them. We will also obtain a loan through Newface Bank. It will not be a loan taken directly from this company, but through it, which will be thoroughly explained later.

Despite the fact that there are many loan companies and even more loans offered, it is not worth paying attention to all the offers. When taking a payday loan, pay special attention to the total cost of this loan, especially if you are using the company for the first time and it does not offer us the first payday loans for free.

Not all of these companies will find what we are looking for, not all of them offer favorable conditions to their clients. However, sometimes we are in a situation where we don’t have many options to choose from. However, all costs are worth checking before applying for a loan.

How to do it? It’s best to use a calculator located on the website of almost every loan company.


Why is the calculator not on the Newface Bank website?

installment loans

The reason is very simple. Newface Bank is not strictly a loan company. He works with many non-bank companies and only acts as an intermediary in granting loans. That is why we will not calculate the total cost of the loan on its website. It depends on the offer that is chosen for us.


What can we find in the Newface Bank offer?

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Certainly, we can find payday loans with different repayment periods, ranging from classic ones, which we will have to pay back within 30 or 60 days. However, we will also find loans with a longer repayment period of up to one year. A similar variety can be found regarding the loan amount. The only thing that will limit us in this matter is our creditworthiness. The loan amounts from $ 100 to even 25,000.


What does the use of Newface Bank look like?

We specify the loan amount and repayment period that interests us, we send the loan application directly to Newface Bank. And there, depending on which category of customers we will be qualified to (due to age, potential debt or creditworthiness).

The company then adjusts the offer in line with our expectations. If the presented proposal suits us, we agree to it and sign the contract, and if we would prefer something else, please submit a different proposal.

Newface Bank’s offer can be used by anyone who is at least 18 years old. The person should also have a valid ID card. Employment at the time of applying for a loan is also welcome. Another necessary condition is to have a personal account and a mobile phone.

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